How To Shave Your Balls

How to shave your balls and the reasons why.

Knowing how to shave your balls can be the difference between a nice clean shave and self torture.

There are many ways to manscape or shave your pubic area.

Men shave their balls for many different reasons.

Maybe you’ve been dating somebody and you now want to clean up to look good when you decide to take it to the bedroom.


trim your ballsShaving your balls and your unit can help you look bigger since you’re able to see the base.

It also helps hygiene wise.

With little to no hair, they will be soft to touch and will not smell.

Some men just prefer being neatly shaven and cleaned up below the waist.

But figuring out how to shave your balls can be a difficult experience.

How to shave balls 4 different ways

1. Razor

2. Scissors

3. Hair clippers or shears

4. Bodygroomer

How to shave your balls with a razor.

Best Way To Shave Your BallsPersonally I fear putting a razor near my shaft and my sack.

I guess it works for some people, but I’m not willing to take that type of chance.  I asked a close friend of mine, who has lots of sex, how to shave your balls and how he does his self grooming for his “family jewels”.  He told me he uses single blade cheapie bics and shaves all the way down when he’s in the shower.

He sometimes shaves with out anything, but sometimes uses conditioner.  He told me “the problem with shaving cream is it’s too thick and you can’t tell where the shaving cream ends and your balls start”.  He also told me he shaves with the grain and uses Aloe Vera immediately after shaving to reduce bumps.  He said bumps tend to occur when you shave too close or if you use a multi blade razor.

This is one way for those wondering how to shave your balls, but I would not recommend it.

I personally would never use a razor on my goods.

One wrong move and you’re cut and maybe sidelined for a while.  I also wouldn’t want to deal with the pain.

How to shave balls with scissors.

How To Shave BallsFiguring out how to shave your balls can be difficult and painful.   I first tried hair scissors.  They are sharp and easy to use and control.  You just have to really take your time and be very precise.  You definitely cannot rush this.

Speaking from experience, I did try to rush it once and missed the hair and cut down.  It was very painful and again, you can’t rush it.  Using the scissors can easily take an hour for a good job.

How to shave your balls with hair clippers or shears.

I had some Wahl shears that worked really well for shaving my head.

They were very powerful and cut easily with a #2 to shave my hair and sideburns.  I used them once on my neck but they would cut and draw blood, so forget that for my personal manscaping.

My wife did however pick up shears made by Conair at Ross with the different adapters for around $10.  They were plastic and a piece of junk.  I tried them on my head but they would get stuck and were unable to actually cut hair.  But since they were too weak to cut hair on my head, they worked ok for genital shaving.  They didn’t cut that close and left short hairs, but weren’t difficult to use and didn’t make me bleed.

How to shave your balls easily and painlessly.

How To Shave My BallsHow to shave your balls with a Bodygroomer.

After a while I decided to try something else for a closer shave.

I’d finally figured out how to shave my balls correctly, safely, and easily.

I picked up the Bodygroomer by Norelco and thought I would give it a try.

It was actually easy to use and cut close without leaving short hairs like before.

The Bodygroomer is designed to shave sensitive areas and doesn’t pull or tear hair.

It’s cordless and makes it easy to use in the shower.

I just have to be sure to leave it on the base when I’m done to get a full charge.

The Bodygroomer works great and I get a quick and easy close shave on my family jewels every time without worrying about getting cut.

Figuring out how to shave your balls the right way can take a while and can even be painful at moments, but it’s now possible to get a close and painless shave every time with the Bodygroomer.

How to shave your balls correctly with the Bodygroomer.

how to shave your balls

How To Shave Your Balls The Right Way.

The Bodygroomer has two types of trimmers to cut unwanted pubic hair.

One end has a trimmer for long hair and the other end has a pivoting head trimmer for a close shave.

I take care of business in the shower since I don’t have to worry about hair going everywhere.  Most of the time I put a small trash can from the bathroom underneath to catch the hair if I haven’t shaved for a while and there’s lots of hair.  Doesn’t hurt to limit the hair that goes down the drain when I can.

For those wondering how to shave your balls, the whole process is easy.

While standing in the shower, I put a leg up on the side of the bathtub for easy access.

You can start with the shaft or the jewels, it’s up to you.

I usually start with the shaft and work my way down.  Hold the tip to kind of stretch it out to make it tight and shave down with the trimmer for long hair.

The Bodygroomer has an adjustable trimmer on one end that can be set to very short or a little longer depending on your preference.  I set it to the shortest setting and shave down.  I then turn it around and use the other end with the pivoting head part to get the closest shave.  Shave down while still holding it tight.

Now for taking care of the jewels.

The skin on your testicles needs to be loose so you can pull it tight to get all of the hair.

Some people like to shower first so that the skin gets warm and loosens up.  I prefer to take care of the shave first and then shower off the hair after.  You just don’t want the skin on your balls to be tightened up like when swimming in cold water at the beach.

Get More Information About How To Shave Your Balls.

So hold the skin and pull it tight and run the trimmer over it to cut the hair.

If there’s long hair, use the adjustable trimmer and then the close shave trimmer.  If the hair is short enough at first, just use the close shave trimmer.  Get all the nooks and crannies and shave over the folds of skin to get everything.

It’s possible to shave in the shower with the water on.

But I’ve found it works easiest to shave while the jewels and the unit are dry.

Also, having a shaver with rechargeable batteries that is also water proof works great since you don’t have to worry about a dangerous electrical situation.  Don’t really want to be standing in the shower with a corded trimmer plugged into the wall.  Accidents do happen.

I have tried the other methods but would have to say using the Bodygroomer is easy and painless and safer than using a razor or scissors.  Your jewels are sensitive pieces of skin and you really have to be careful when taking care of them.  I hope this helps those of you who are trying to figure out how to shave your balls.


User Reviews For How To Shave Your Balls

I did extensive research and read every review before buying the Bodygroomer.

What I liked best is that the shaver has all of the attachments on it.

If I want to trim my hair to a specific length, I don’t have to go searching for the right attachment or even need to have anything changed on the Bodygroomer.

Everything is right there ready to go and that’s why I adore it!

This shaver is very easy to use and shaves very well.

I’ve tried the Bodygroomer on all parts of my body like it says to and it works great.

– Michael A. Layman, Louisville, Kentucky, United States


I purchased the Bodygroomer trying to figure out the best way to shave balls and I really didn’t want to use a razor.

I can honestly say it was a great buy!

It is totally safe for your goods.

I was concerned a little about the side trimmers because in the picture it showed them sticking out.

But I found out by using them that they don’t hurt and work well.

You need to pay attention while shaving because they will pinch it you don’t watch what you’re doing but they don’t draw blood or break the skin.

But you should pay attention anyways to get a great looking finished product.

I can’t recommend the Bodygroomer enough for shaving hair south of the border.

– Justin Wu, Miami, Florida, United States


I’ve had a couple of these Bodygroomers already.

I started with the 2020 and then the 2030, and have now moved on to the 2040.

Each new model is better than the previous one.

The 2040 has something on both ends.

One end is for cutting long hair while the other side works great for cutting hair and getting a close shave.

– Keokani Marciel, Las Vegas, NV, United States


I’ve had a chance to use my new Bodygroomer now for over 2 weeks and it is awesome and the best way to shave your balls.

If you’re trying to figure out how to get smooth balls without using a dangerous razor or painful creams, this is the way.

The one side that adjusts works great for cutting regular body hair while the side with the screen works great on your family jewels for a close cut.

The first time you use it on your privates can be a little stressful but soon you can see how well it shaves your balls without any nicks or burning sensation.

I can’t recommend the Bodygroomer enough and it is definitely the best way to shave your balls, and so do the girls who get to play with the finished product!

– Walter J. Kinnard, Los Angeles, CA, United States


Please note that the above user reviews have been paraphrased, you can read the original user reviews here.

Just be patient, it takes a little bit of practice, but the shaver works really well and it makes it easy to get a great shave.

Here are some additional pictures of the Bodygroomer.

Shaving Your Balls



If you really are trying to figure out how to shave your balls, then the shape of the Bodygroomer really makes it easy to do so.  If fits in your hand and is actually very easy to use and clean.


Shaving Balls



It cuts easily without any knicks or slicing.  It’s very easy to get a close shave and can be done fairly quickly.  As a personal groomer, the Bodygroomer works very well.  For feedback from a large number of users, check out here.

Shave Balls



If you’ve let the bush around your tree get a little carried away then the adjustable trimmer is a must.  You can cut back the foilage and then use the close shave trimmer to get the finished desired look.  It’s easy to go from an out of control mess to a close shave in no time.

What is the best way to shave your balls?  How to shave your balls the best way.


Best Way To Shave Your Balls  Without a doubt, the best way to shave your balls is to use the Bodygroomer and following up with Balla Powder.  The Bodygroomer will shave your balls easily and effectively but the Balla Powder will finish the job leaving your family jewels feeling refreshed, dry, and smelling good.  The Bodygroomer plus Balla Powder is a perfect combination.

Here are some actual Balla Powder user reviews.

All I can say is that if you plan on shaving south of the border you have to have Balla Powder.

It makes everything feel smooth and gets rid of any itching and has a nice manly aroma.

My girlfriend also loves it.

– Jacob Freeman


Didn’t really know I needed Balla Powder until I tried it and now I’m hooked.

Smells great, a manly scent and can be applied anywhere on the body, but works great on the boys out of the shower.

Keeps them dry and comfortable.

– B.W. Schaelfer, Seattle, WA, United States


Balla Powder is my favorite because its scent is mild and its texture is very faint.

– Reuben E. Washington, United States


The smell is perfect and feels even better.

Just takes a small amount of Balla Powder in the right areas.

I really like the tingle sensation and lasts me all day.

– A.C. Ege, Stockton, CA, United States

Please note that the above user reviews have been paraphrased, you can read the original user reviews here.


How to Shave Your Balls The Wrong Way

Shaved BallsThere are many painful ways to clean up your family jewels, but really only one good one for those of you who are trying to figure out how to shave your balls that won’t involve severe pain.

One possible painful way is to use Nair or a depilatory cream similar to it to remove the unwanted hair.

You apply the depilatory cream to the area and leave it on for a specific amount of time.  It works by breaking down the hair and then makes it easy to brush off.  Don’t recommend this since it can actually burn if left on too long and I could only imagine the pain.

As mentioned before, shaving with a blade is possible is possible but not recommended.

It’s too easy to cut the sensitive skin around the genitals using just a blade.  But with the addition of shaving cream, you’re pretty much shaving blind and waiting for a painful nick.

A painful solution for those trying to figure out how to shave your balls is waxing.

I could only imagine the pain.  Hot wax is spread over the jewels and allowed to cool down and solidify.  It is then ripped off removing the wax and the hair.

Another painful method to try for genital hair removal is electrolysis.

A fine needle is used with a current of electricity to shock the hair follicle.  I know this painful when used on the neck or back and can only imagine the pain when used on the sensitive genital area.  Also, it’s not just a one time procedure, but tends to be multiple and can sometimes take years to get rid of unwanted hair.

And the last way for how to shave balls the wrong way is to use a laser.

A powerful beam of light from a laser can be used to kill bunches of hair follicles.  Doesn’t this seem crazy already?  I would not recommend applying lasers to your sensitive genitals.  I would be worried about the pain and really concerned about scarring if something went wrong.

Shaving BallsIf you are trying to figure out how to shave your balls, there’s really only one way to do it.

Use a shaver that is made for shaving sensitive body parts that is not going to cut, nick, scar, or cause excessive pain like the previous methods.  The Norelco Bodygroomer is really all you need to trim your family jewels and get a close shave every time.  I’ve tried the other methods and the Bodygroomer is the safest and easiest for shaving your balls.



How To Shave Your Balls And Other Body Groomers That Are Available On The Market

If you are on this site, then you probably want to know how to shave your balls effectively and painlessly.  There is a review for the Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040 above but maybe you’re still on the fence when it comes to purchasing an electric razor to help tidy up your man parts.

what is the best way to shave your balls



All in all, the BG2040 is the latest Body Groomer from Philips Norelco.  It does everything and is an all in one solution for your grooming needs.  It contains an adjustable trimmer for the longer hairs and a 3-D pivoting head for a finishing close shave.  Basicly it’s the best on the market and will do everything you need.

But there are still other body groomers available and I’ll cover them below.



The Philips Norelco BG2030 is the body groomer that Philips Norelco was offering before the BG2040 came out.  It’s about $10 less

best way to shave your balls


than the BG2040.  Customers have been very happy with it and have given it 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Instead of having an adjustable trimmer like the 2040, it comes with 3 attachments to be used when removing different hair lengths.  It’s rechargeable and holds a nice charge for you to take care of business.  And it is also water resistant and can be used in the shower if you like.

The 3 attachments that I mentioned before take care of 3 different things.  1 attachment is an additional trimmer for long hair.  The other 2 attachments are adjustable combs for different lengths and snap onto the trimmer attachment and not the actual foil.  This was a problem for some people because it means you have to keep changing the attachment head every time that you want to use the foil head.  For example, in the shower, you would need both head attachments.  First you would use the trimmer, or trimmer with a comb, to shave the long hair, and then have to take off that head and replace with the foil head for a finishing close shave.  It may not matter to everyone, but it is actually an extra step and is a concern for those who travel and are concerned about space in their toiletry bag.

If you’re still thinking about how to shave your balls but are still not sold with the above choices, then there are still a couple more.

Before the Philips Norelco BG2030, there was the BG2020.  This costs $10 less than the BG2030 and $20 less than the BG2040.  It is also rechargeable and water resistant for use in the shower.  It has received 3.7 out of 5 stars and has nearly 900 customer reviews.  Remember it has been around for a while.

do you shave your balls


The BG2020 comes with 3 combs for different lengths.  They are not adjustable and each comb is for a different length.  It does not have a trimmer attachment like the BG2030.  But as mentioned before, the BG2020 is a little easier to use in the shower or for traveling.  An attachment comb can be used first for long hairs and then simply pulled off exposing the foil head for the finishing close shave.  No second head needed like the BG2030.

Overall the BG2020 is older technology but still gets the job done.



Another body groomer that is available on the market is the Braun Cruzer 6 Body Cruzer.  I like Braun and they have some really nice rechargeable razors for shaving your face.

It comes with everything you’d expect from Braun with a sleek ergonomic design and nice color combination.  It is also rechargeable

how to trim your balls

Body Cruzer

and water resistant and can be used in the shower.  It has received 4 out of 5 stars at

It has 3 attachment combs for different lengths.  One of these attachment combs is a “sensitive” one to be used on your groin area.  It also has a razor attachment for Gillette Fusion blades for a close shave.  I guess this is intended for shaving your back, shoulders, or other body parts but I would not use this for shaving my balls.  Some customers have complained that the Fusion blade can drop down below the trimmer when shaving, so if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing when shaving your balls it can be very painful.  Fortunately, the Fusion blade can be removed completely and you don’t have to have it on when using the Body Cruzer.  One other concern is that Fusion replacement blades are expensive.

Hopefully this will be helpful to those of you who are trying to figure out how to shave your balls.

Here are some other options instead of the Body Groomer BG2040.  But overall the body groomer has evolved and the most technologically advanced and easy to use body groomer for shaving your balls would still have to be the BG2040.  The Braun is nice but has many pieces.  The BG2030 or BG2020 will get the job done, but are just older models of the BG2040.  It’s just easier to spend the extra $10 or $20 on the 2040 and have everything you need in one body groomer.


More Items That Visitors Have Purchased To Help You Shave Your Balls

Here are some items that people have purchased after visiting  They work well for those wondering how to shave your balls.

People have purchased the Original Balla Powder Talc For Men.  It has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars at with over 200 reviews.  So it’s been tried and tested.  People enjoy the fresh feeling.  It helps to keep your balls dry and smelling good.

The Tingle Formula Ball Powder For Men is another popular purchase here.  It also helps keep your balls dry but has more of a citrus scent.  A hit in the summer to help keep your balls dry on those hot days.

There is also a Balla Powder Original Scent, Gift and Travel Size, 10.3 g version to give as a gift or test out if you want to just try it without spending too much cash.

Some visitors have purchased Trader Joe’s 100% Pure Jojoba Oil 4 Oz, not sure why, but supposed to be a really good skin moisturizer.

Another popular item visitors have purchased which deals more with personal hygiene is Dude Products Dude Wipes 2 Boxes of 30.  Basically they’re manly baby wipes but men have enjoyed using them to clean up there junk when needed.  Plus they can be used on your face and body.  They’ve received 4 out of 5 stars at  One review stated that it cures the dreaded “swamp ass”.

One more item that people have purchased is the Fresh Balls 5 Oz Tube 2 Pack.  They are a cheaper version of the Balla Powder, and work to keep your balls dry.  I did read in a Balla review that the Balla talcum powder is more of a high grade powder compared to Fresh Balls and you get what you pay for.  But customer reviews at amazon speak highly of Fresh Balls and states it makes your balls feel “silky smooth and dry all day”.  At amazon it’s received 4.5 out of 5 stars with 87 reviews.

Here’s another product that visitors have purchased: Comfy Boys – #1 Intimate Deodorant for Men – 4 Oz Daily Grooming Routine Companion.  It’s another item that helps keep your balls dry and smelling good.  It has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating at  One review states that it works better that Fresh Balls because it doesn’t leave a powdery residue on your pants like Fresh Balls leaves.  Another person stated “your sex partner will thank you”.

One more moisture control item used to keep your boys dry is the Max 4 Men Max Protect Balls N All Moisture Control Balm – Unscented – 2 oz. – Best.  It states that it is applied as a liquid then dries as a “powdery moisture control shield”.  It can be used daily or after you shave.  And this one is special, it has a “Pheromone sex attractant infused for maximum male magnetism.”  Wow.  It has no reviews or stars.

Another item that visitors have purchased is the Panasonic ER-GN30-K Vortex Wet/dry Nose and Facial Hair Trimmer.  It’s received 4.3 out of 5 stars on amazon with 3,690 reviews and is the #1 Best Seller in Hair Trimmers And Clippers.  I guess if you’re going to take the time to look nice and shave your balls and have them smell nice, then why not trim your nose, ear, and any other facial  hair also.  Time to look your very best.  It’s also very affordable at around $13.

Some visitors want to go all out and purchased the Hair Removal Waxing Kit Men + Women, All Natural | BodyHonee (8.8 Oz).  It’s received 4.1 out of 5 stars on amazon with 221 customer reviews.  It makes sense that if you’re going to shave the hair off your balls then why not have a body that matches.  Use the wax to remove hair from your chest, stomach, shoulders, and back.  But not recommended for removing hair off of your family jewels.  The reviews are actually very good and the main advantage is that this item is so easy to use.

Visitors also purchased another hair removal system called 8 Oz Cocojojo Sugaring Bikini Wax Kit – Sugaring Hair Removal – 8 Oz Sugar Wax – 8 Strips – 3 Wooden Spatulas for Bikini Waxing Hair Removal Sugaring.  It used honey and sugar instead of wax.  It has a 5 out of 5 rating with only 9 reviews.   It looks like its mainly used for women but I’m sure it could be used for the back, chest, and shoulders.


Other Razors Visitors Have Purchased

The Philips Norelco BG2040/34 BodyGroom 7100 has been the most popular razor by far and is the #1 Best Seller on amazon for shaving your body.  But there are some other ones that visitors purchased.

One is the Philips Norelco YS524/41 Click & Style Shave Toolkit.  It’s received 4 out of 5 stars on amazon.  It also costs less than the BG2040,  The main knock on the YS524 is that it doesn’t cut thick hair well.

Another popular razor for visitors is the Philips Norelco BG2028 Bodygroom.  It appears to be an older version of the BG2040.  It’s received 4 out of 5 stars with 292 reviews.  Some reviews also state that it doesn’t work well cutting thick hair.

Another razor visitors have purchased is the Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver.  This item is an intense pube shaver.  Made in Japan and touted as the best personal pubic shaver on the market.  They recommend you use talcum powder first to be used as a dry lubricant.  But I should first mention, you need to shave the longer hair first and then use the Cleancut to really get an extremely close cut.  It also doesn’t come with a trimmer.  So you pretty much need to shave the longer hairs first with your trimmer or other shaver and then use this to get a very close shave.  It’s received 3.5 out of 5 stars on amazon with 257 reviews.

Some visitors have also picked up Philips Norelco Bodygroom Replacement Trimmer/Shaver Foil.  I guess it makes sense that if you have a razor, you’ll eventually need to replace the trimmer/shaver foil.  Replacements cost about $12.

How To Shave Your Balls And The Benefits Of Why You Should Do It.

There are many different ways that you can shave your balls.  You can use a razor, scissors, shears, or electric razor specifically made for this task.  And the benefits, I’ll discuss that later.

A razor is a daring tool for those figuring out how to shave your balls.  To have a blade so close to your Mr. Happy and your coin purse is taking too much of a chance for me.  One wrong move and you nick your shaft or nuts.  Too easy to do severe damage to a part of your body you want to take care of and protect.


Scissors work to clear the area but are not good for getting close to your skin.  One wrong move and you can make an unwanted cut.  Ouch, painful in a very sensitive area.  Again works kind of like a lawn mower taking out broad chunks of grass but not good for cutting close to the sidewalk.


Shears can clear the way but if used too aggressively can cause nicks to your sensitive area.  Shears that are used to shave your head are often times too powerful and not delicate enough to shave your lower region.

If you’re still wondering how to shave your balls safely and effectively then a tool made specifically for this task works best.  A handy tool that we recommend is the Bodygroomer.  It’s dual functioning.  It has a trimmer to clear away the areas with lots of hair and a 3D pivoting head to finish the job with a clean shave.  It’s also cordless/rechargeable and works on your man parts, back, and shoulders.  But ultimately it works for a close, safe, and worry free shave to get rid of unwanted hair on your sensitive Mr. Happy and coin purse.

What are the benefits of shaving your balls?

There are a few that come to mind.

First, you’ll look bigger.  It’s just the way it works out.  You get rid of the unwanted hair on your man parts and  they appear bigger.

Second, your guys will be cleaner and smell better.  I’m sure your partner will appreciate this.  If you want to take it one more step, pick up some Balla Powder for men and you’ll really be smelling fresh and keeping dry at the same time.

Third and my favorite, your partner is more likely to give your Mr. Happy the attention he wants and deserves.  Your partner is more likely to go down to that neighborhood if your man parts are looking bigger plus smelling and feeling clean.

Trust me, give it a shot, you’ll be glad you did.


  1. MARC ANTHONY says:

    The pubic area is quite sensitive, and it may take some time for your skin to adjust to the razor. A perfectly smooth shave may take a little time to achieve. Don’t forget to rinse your razor after each stroke!

  2. Matthew says:

    Take a full shower before shaving, so the hair gets soft and easier to shave. Get a full lather of shaving cream on the base of your shaft and around it, as well as the scrotum. But be careful shaving your testicles.The benefits of having a shaved pubic area will be apparent straight away. A smooth scrotum begs to be touched.

  3. JOHN RICHARDS says:

    Pubic hair removal is popular while some prefer leaving some of their pubic hair. Various methods and techniques are employed for pubic hair removal which may include waxing, shaving, tweezing and trimming. While waxing is popular for reducing hair growth over the time, shaving is popular for being one of the cheapest and easiest solutions.

  4. Pubic hair is coarser than head hair and so it is essential to soften it before shaving it. In order to do so, take a long hot bath or stay in the shower for a longer time before shaving. Alternatively, you can also lay a wet washcloth over the entire pubic area for a few minutes before shaving.

  5. There are many reasons for this trend, one of which is the fact that a hair free skin is easier to keep clean, and for a man it also enables him to examine his testicles and scrotum much easier. There is no need to worry if a slight rash appears afterwards.

  6. Henry A says:

    Do not use an electric razor with rotating heads, which would be quite painful. Avoid dull or oversized scissors when working in sensitive areas. Shaving with a razor or electric trimmer is a fast and relatively painless method.

  7. After regular waxing or use of depilatory devices, it is said that the hair comes back finer and is less painful to remove over time. When you are finished your trim, splash cold water on any areas you have shaved. This closes the pores, which in turn causes less irritation after shaving.

  8. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Hygiene consciousness is developing over the past years. Men are getting cautious about themselves day by day about the whole hygiene issue. Some prefer shaving it all, some manages to trim it off.

    • @Max: Hey Max, as an African American to another, which method you find works best for you? I am thinking that our skin and hair is probably different as I have found in what type of razor I use to shave my face.


    Shaving is the best economical way and other removal creams are found in the market for hair removing. This particular article has given best ways to evaluate the process .These are private issues but you can easily find the solution better online. Thanks for sharing !

  10. Charlie Gibson says:

    A very valuable skill that men need to learn is to how to shave their pubic hair. The reasons why a man would want to look nicer and cleaner for the woman, especially for oral sex. So, its important to remove unwanted hairs.

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